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My name is Dvir Hollander. Born & raised in Jerusalem.

I've been guiding friends & family in my hometown from a young age. After 2 years of living in New York City I followed Mom’s advice & came back home to become a professional tour guide. That proved to be the best decision of my life!

Hopefully, we’ll get to experience some unforgettable Jerusalem moments, together.

Despite being licensed to guide all over the country, I’ve been guiding in Jerusalem only. As far as I know, I’m the only guide offering Just Jerusalem Tours. This enables you to get to know this special place in its most authentic way possible, uncovering countless secrets & treasures. Together, we’re likely to meet some extraordinary people, who help make this place so unique.

In fact, I find that every tour is a fresh discovery, as you never know how Jerusalem will show itself on any given day.

Famous for it’s past; it’s the present, which I find to be so fascinating in Jerusalem.

I encourage you, to come & discover for yourselves

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